DNA Wendon notes

We have a number of DNA links via Wendon-Skinley son Daniel.

Charice Sanchez-Grainger  Matched with Carolyn, Philip and Tom

The following has been put into Wendon-Skinley report

Aurelie Bain Family Tree
This mails reply confirmed that Kathleen Wendon 1901- is actually Minnie Kathleen Wendon 1901-. Note I am using a very reliable tree of Dr. Geoff Mann.

Christopher Oram wrote: First seasons greetings, from Vancouver Canada. It is Christmas eve as I write. My name is Christopher Oram and my sister’s Carolyn Wendon Oram. We are DNA, according to Ancestry.com, linked to Aurelie as 4th cousins.

In Aurelie’s tree: Kathleen Wendon 1901- is I think actually Minnie Kathleen Wendon 1901- in the tree: Using Lynne and Alan’s tree  or go via: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/1256819/person/24877555450/facts

Staying with that tree I find, her parents are : Mathew Henry Wendon 1868-1933 and May Hawthorn 1876- Grand Parents:
Daniel Wendon 1832 -1911 and Sarah King 1838- Great Grandparents :
Matthew Wendon 1787-1866 and Elizabeth Skingley 1793-1871 These are my Great Great Grandparents! Dr Chris Oram I subsequently talked to Aurelie who was in her 90″s on the phone.

On 23andMe CJO has a lady DNA relative called Lorraine Brennan and two of her children who are related to us via Matthew Wendon and Elizabeth Skingley. Matthew and Elizabeth  had son Daniel Wendon, who in turn had a daughter Ellen Wendon. Ellen married Lether George Houslop, had a child Sydney Stuart Houslop. He had a child Lorriane who married a Brennan.