DNA Talbott notes

Associated notes:   Oram    and   Way  and maybe Bartlett

Marion Hall contacted by Carolyn, replied.  Established link back to Samuel Talbott’s parents Philip and Ellizabeth Humphries through their son George.

dbaulch1 , matched with Chris, who did not reply to Carolyn’s message, is related to us via the same George Talbott as Marion Hall, above.

Following maybe further back to Talbotts in Stawell both share matches with CJO &CWO : DB (managed by Dallas_Buckley) and AT (managed by John and Terri Maddison). CWS in contact with Terrie Madison, Anthea Turners mum-in-law, replied, email – [email protected] Surnames Bondfield, Tarr, Shepherd, and Willis.