Vanessa Group E(day)

Oram-Russell Designation: RRRD

Group seen by: Chris+Vanessa+Philip

Interest:  *****

Most likely link:  Eliza Day BIRTH ABT 1830  Enfield, Middlesex

Simplest link:  Either George Henry Day (1824 – 1897) or Jane Day (1829 – 1876) are siblings of Eliza.  It looks unlikely unless we have Eliza Day’s father wrong. But given the early place (6th) in 4th cousins DP appears in CJO’s list this seems likely from a DNA point of view. Although a solution where DP and Brianohill are 4th cousins and the rest are 5th also makes sense.

Four trees here. One inter-relationship.

Peter Asner GG Gparents & paulineg44  G Grandparents are George Henry Day (1824 – 1897) & Jane Day (1829 – 1876) [the surnames are both DAY!!]… both sides go back to London Area 1750.

Carol Day goes back only to a Grandparent Alfred Day, who had a son Alfred in 1920 in Ontario.

Brianohill Has London Area on his mothers side Grandparents. But the tree is rather limited (only going back to g or ggparents) on that side.

D.P. (managed by Liz Parkinson) 8 VAW_E(Day) 24 x x x RRR E(day) P
brianohill 24 VAW_E(Day) 8 x x RRR E(day) Y
Peter Asher 178 VAW_E(Day) 8 x x RRR E(day) Y
Carol Day 294 VAW_E(Day) 8,24 x x RRR E(day) Y
paulineg44 635 VAW_E(Day) x RRR E(day) Y