DNA Stokoe notes

See Stokoe-Newland report for DNA link made in Feb 2020 to Thelma Small who has now found out who her biological father was, Michelle Patricia Andrews and by link to Thelma to Michelle’s close cousinThomas Jason Miller.

*CJO* Three hopeful links, first has CWO & CJO DNA, second and third CWO only:

  1. M.P. (managed by archie233) private tree with Stokoe and Northumberland in it. Carolyn’s message not acknowledged.
  2. Hunter_Leslie Stokoe in Dalton Le Dale, Durham, England 50 miles from Chollerton
  3. rosbowles Stokoe in Wark 6 miles from Chollerton, Northumberland, England. Carolyn in contact.  See Stokoe-Bowles research