RRTKKKK or RRTTKKK Kingsley-Cain/Brittian Marriage

We have 4 DNA links that have George Kingsley Daniels (1827-1904) in them:

Martin_Prutton80 , Stephen Lumsden , Jane Cooper , cjameswalt

The connection to us is trivial to find in many trees, CWO has looked to verify it and made notes. Here I (CJO) try to pull together that work with my recent work, and see what insight we have at present.

What is in common between them is :

From our ORAM-Russell tree:
Sarah Kingsley(1790-) (our Tree)
John Kingsley (abt 1760-)  + Mary Furrian (our tree)
PARENTS of John Kingsley (abt 1760-)  

then Forwards:

PARENTS of Edward Kingsley (abt 1769-)    
Edward Kingsley (1769-) + Ann Twydell (1766-)
John Kingsley (1793-) + Sophia Daniels
George Kingsley Daniels (1827-1904)

Clearly this is NOT a solid link, as we have not defined:
PARENTS of Edward or John Kingsley,
nor shown they are a single couple.

To deal with this in a logical manner I find it easier to start at the oldest generation and then work forward in time. So I will start by reviewing the GUESS available on ancestry.com trees for the oldest generation:

John Kingsley (1729-) + Mary Cain (1730-64) + Eliz Brittian(1740-)

John Kingsly (1729-) 
There is evidence he was christened at Rushden, Hertford, England on 30 Mar 1729 and his father was Jonathan Kingsly and Mother Elisabeth.
There is evidence a John Kingsley married a Mary Cain at Rushden, Hertford, England on 04 Oct 1756 .

Mary Cain (1730-64)
There is evidence a Mary Cain married a John Kingsley at Rushden, Hertford, England on 04 Oct 1756 . I can find NO evidence she died in 1764. I suspect she did not, but rather begat Edward in 1769, being the mother Mary noted in the baptism. I think the death in 1764 arose because she had a daughter Martha Kingsley 1764-64, and it suited some researcher to assume she died at that point.

Eliz Brittian(1740-)
I can find little evidence that this person existed. But she is not the mother of Edward Kingsley, because his parents are John and Mary.

Based on the above I will give my “best guess” of “PARENTS of Edward Kingsley (1767)” as:
John Kingsl(e)y (1729-) + Mary Cain (1730) 

Edward Kingsley (1767-) + Ann Twydell (1766-)

Edward Kingsley (1767-) 
Carolyn writes: Edward  b.1767 bpt 7Jan1771 Pirton son of John and Mary, probably younger brother of our John m. Mary Furrian. Maybe died 1798, Pirton no age of Edward buried given. Married 23 Apr 1792 at Shillington, Beds. Also noted in Pirton banns register.
So I guess Edward’s parents “John and Mary” are John Kingsl(e)y (1729-) + Mary Cain (1730) 
We have documentary evidence Edw Kingsley Married 23 Apr 1792 at Shillington, Bedford, England Ann Twydell.
We have documentary evidence John Kingsley was christened 18 Oct 1795 Pirton, Hertfordshire, England (Phillimore Ecclesiastical Parish) Father: Edward Kingsley, Mother: Ann Kingsley

Ann Twydell (1766-)
Carolyn writes: Ann Twydell 1766-?[also Twidale etc] bapt 28 Sep 1766 at Shillington to Edward and Ann.
We know she married Edward Kingsley 1792, and it is likely she is the Ann Kingsley who begat John Kingsley(1795-)

Based on the above I think there is good documentary evidence that Edward Kingsley (1767-)  and Ann Twydell (1766-) are the parents of John Kingsley (1793(or5)-)

John Kingsley (1793-) Some give the birth as 1795:
He did NOT marry Sophia Daniels, but it is documented evidence that a John Kingsley of Henlow had a bastard child by her. This agrees with the documentation that shows that there lived alone a person known as John Kingsley Senior. As he did not have a John as a son, my guess is there were 2 John Kingsley’s in town, perhaps one born 1793 and another 1795. So I suspect he was born 1793 making him the senior. He might have died in Oct 1869, but careful research is required to check that is his death not John Kingsley “the younger”. While I think it is extremely likely there are two John Kingsley’s we do really know which of the two was George Kingsley Daniels father.

Sophia Daniels

Sophia Daniels (see here for excellent research on her) had two children both out of wedlock. The first was George Kingsley Daniels (father John Kingsley of Henlow), the second was Mary Daniels (father Joseph Bryant ). At 42 she married Joshua Bennett a widower, but had no offspring from that marriage.

Based on the above I think there is very strong documentary evidence that the parents of George Kingsley Daniels are John Kingsley and Sophia Daniels. But the date of birth of this John Kingsley is unknown, so there is scant evidence (location and approximate age make sense) to prove he is John Kingsley (1793(or5)-) anyway we suspect there are two John Kingsley’s in the area at that time.

George Kingsley Daniels (1827-1904) :

Carolyn writes: George Kingsley Daniels 1825-1904 born Southill, married Harriet born Clifton, Offspring born Clifton, Henlow, Stondon, Arlesey, Shillington. In Shillington in 1861. Arlesey in 1871.  He was an agricultural labourer moving around the area!
He did prison time… and it is documented that he married Harriet West and Phoebe Goodwin.
From an Ancestry.com note I found : “George and Harriett could not write – they signed their marriage certificate with an X. Witnesses to their marriage:  Samuel Leggat (X his mark), Mary Daniels (X her mark), Father stated on the marriage certificate for George – ‘unknown'”. I guess that Mary Daniels never told her son, who his father was, even though his middle name would have given him a hint!

The research points towards:
John Kingsl(e)y (1729-) + Mary Cain (1730) 
Edward Kingsley (1769-) + Ann Twydell (1766-)
John Kingsley (1793/5-) + Sophia Daniels
George Kingsley Daniels (1827-1904) +
Harriet West + Phoebe Goodwin
as the descendents that link our tree to the 4 DNA links trees.

Based on the above I feel more research is required before fully accepting this scenario. However the documentary evidence when combined with the DNA evidence is getting close to the point that this scenario will be considered passing the “3 legs rule”. The story I find quite colourful!

The question in my mind is whether this gives us enough confidence to add John Kingsl(e)y (1729-) + Mary Cain (1730)  and John’s parents Jonathan Kingsly + Elisabeth to our Oram-Russell tree.