Angela Group D

Oram-Russell Designation: RFF+

Group seen by: Chris+Angela+Philip+Carolyn

Interest:  **

Most likely connection from Oram-RussellDNA tree: None

Most likely connection to Oram-Russell tree: None

Closest possible connection: n/a


Angela shares with us all relatives with RFF designation. One group appeared on analysis of Angela’s first 1500 DNA links, that contained 18 names.

When we ignore Carolyn, jkiekens, Chris and Philips entries, we are left with 14 names. Only 4 have trees. Two of these trees are small. Analysing all 4 trees we found no overlap.

Until we get further trees in this group, getting information from this group’s overlap of trees is not possible. The only useful approach is studying the trees for clues from surnames and locations.


jkiekens D Angela 8 Chris Carolyn 3rd Cousin AncestryDNA Y
V.P. (managed by VIIFE) D Angela 13 N
Carolyn Oram (managed by marocws) D Angela 16 Chris 3rd Cousin Y
D Stout D Angela 17 N
Jane Ward D Angela 55 Y
Sample_Cassie D Angela 112 Philip Y
Carl Hurn D Angela 34 N
A.W. (managed by Hemcw81) D Angela 69 Chris Carolyn Y
diannesimba D Angela 100 Chris Y
David E. Balfour D Angela 969 Chris N
Peter Lissett D Angela 314 Carolyn N
E.C. (managed by mcycooper) D Angela 270 Carolyn P
howardpeters43 D Angela 290 Carolyn N
Marjorie Davis D Angela 406 Carolyn N
ranleighattwood D Angela 773 Carolyn P
Rod Smith D Angela 1217 Carolyn N
Christopher Oram D Angela 1122 Carolyn 3rd Cousin AncestryDNA Y