Kingsley-Furrian Report

DNA results available:

Chris, Carolyn, Philip, Tom and Vanessa

Note Peggy Kingsley and John Throssell were first cousins so we have gone back to their grandparents.  We have more DNA links due to cousins marrying and some of the family emigrating to the USA.

See DNA Kingsley-Furrian notes for DNA data research

Kingsley Tree [large! to be added]

Kingsley-Furrian report and best DNA link:

The Kingsleys were a farming family living in Pirton, Hertforshire.

We have an ancestry green leaved link with Ivy Murphy but the best one is with Timothy Kingsley who lives in Canada.
How we link up is not known in October 2018 but it must be through John Kingsley’s parents or grandparents whose names we do not know. Link below needs checking and comparing with Carolyn’s research and any more information Timothy can give us.  Looks as if there were two sets of cousins marrying! CJO looked again in 2019. The tree CJO used in Dec 2019 is :

    • Relationship to Timothy: Green information given by Timothy Blue is Carolyn’s speculation mildly modified in Dec 2019 by CJO using above tree.
        •  Chris Oram (and Vanessa Windsor and Clive  Russell have DNA matches)
          • Daphne and Philip Russell (DNA match
            • GH Russell
              • Rosa Kate Throssell
                • John Throssell 1811-[or Peggy Kingsley 1814-]
                  • Sarah Kingsley 1790 [or John Kingsley 1781-]
                    • John Kingsley 1761- and Mary Furrian
                      • John Kingsley (1729-) and Mary Cain(1830-)
                    • James Kingsley (1770-1832)+ Ann Hill (1771-1855)
                  • James Kingsley (1799-1867)- and Mary Hornet (1798-1870) AND Perhaps  James Kingsley 1819- and Elizabeth Chipperfield 1819- married 1851 [records include a James Kingsley and a Mary marrying in 1818 and having a son James baptised in 1819.  If the Mary was Mary Hornet then Richard and Susan Ann Alice could be uncle and neice!  To keep the Kingsley assets in the family?]
                • Richard Kingsley 1830-1885 and his 2nd wife Susan Ann Alice nee Kingsley 1855-1900 married 1875
              • Albert Kingsley 1876-1957
            • John Richard Kingsley
          • Richard Allister Kingsley
        • Private
      • Timothy Kingsley

Hi Chris.
Back in Alberta and have a little more info. Albert Kingsley 1876-1957 was sent over to Canada because he was a bad ass. His father Richard 1830-1885 was married to Elizabeth 1822-1871 first wife. Second wife Susan Ann Alice 1855-1900 is Albert’s Mom. James 1800?-1867 and Mary Hornet 1797?-1870 are Richard’s parents. There is also another James 1819 and Elizabeth Chipperfield 1819 who are Susan Ann Alice parents. Very confusing. Question marks. Heading back to PG tomorrow. 65th birthday on Saturday Sept. 22/18. Later Tim K.

CJO feels certain that the above is “family knowledge” because he told me that the only research he did was to get the Metis part correct because he gets special status in Canada for being Metis.

Q.H.(managed by M_Hrytsak) shows a similar Canadian tree back to James Kingsley & Ann Hill also having  “bad ass”  Albert Kingsley 1876-1957. But CJO looking at it in 2019 sees they have a slightly different birth date for Albert. This causes them to get the wrong connection parents for Albert. Maybe we should contact them?

CJO feels Timothy is not suitable to collaborate with except in obtaining family information. Q.H. might be a better contact? But this mess of Kingsley’s is probably best worked out on ones own in a quiet room.

*CJO* In that quiet room the Carolyn-Phil link to Martha Kingsley born Jun 1764 in Pirton… needs taking into account: donmcpherson150255 . Looking again in Dec 2019 and using the same (blue) tree as Timothy Kingsley above. I was able to confirm the link that Ancestry proposes: Mary Cain and John Kingsley (1740-)

There are other links to the Kingsley-Furrian marriage particularly to a branch that went to Pitstone and Tring, Hertfordshire.  There they married into the Tompkins family who emigrated to the  USA where they married into the Teachout family. In Dec 2019 Ancestry Thrulines shows them as connecting to John Kingsley and Mary Furrian.