DNA Fisher notes

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Good news! We have DNA links back to Thomas who married Bertha Snelgrove via all their offspring known to have issue that survived.  Bad news … nothing looking really good further back in   Jan 2019.


  • Via William James Fisher 1851-1902
    • Angela
  • Via Lydia Fisher 1860-1941
    • brenbritt did reply, confirmed!  On all the match lists.
  • Via Edward Kingsland Fisher 1868-1906
    • Thomas Russell Warner (Fisher) 1887-1955 died Canada.
      • jkiekens did not reply to Carolyn’s message. On all the match lists.
    • Edward Joseph Fisher 1889-1971 died USA
    • Alfred Kingsland Fisher 1890-1967 born Croydon died Rainham, Essex
      •  Frank Fisher 90yr old, who has been in contact with Tony Fisher for a long time. Jan 2019 Carolyn given address of Frank by Tony so will write a letter to both with our findings. No DNA test.
  • Via Alfred John Fisher 1869-1962
    • Neil Howlett on Batchelor line. Not confirmed.  Has not replied to Carolyn

JF  Has ancestors in south Molton also in Angela’s list. Lawday.