DNA Mann notes

Terri Templeton ancestry green leaf link back to Henry Mann and Martha Wendon

David Catchpoole Carolyn in contact, simple reply, cousin of Terri Templeton.

There is another Mann who connects through the Nathaniel Mann-mHarriet_AGER line on Geoff Manns tree.
Go down that line:
William Mann-m-Ann_GLAZIN
William Henry James Mann -m-Caroline Louisa Thomas
Henry Ralph and 12 others….(not listed by Geoff Mann) But can be seen at:

In Rebecca Farewell (DNA matched to Phil and Vanessa Only) is a Henry Thomas Mann 1881 as in the above list.

Carolyn has contacted’4th cousin’ Lucy Kitching-Ward, shared with  Michael Hirst who shares with Cathpoole and Templton https://www.ancestry.com/connect/Profile/067240DC-0006-0000-0000-000000000000

Nathaniel Mann and Elizabeth Helsdon daughters Sarah link Philip only:

A Dack   in Vancouver works in with Geoff Mann’s tree. Used as best link on Mann report page.