Chris Group M


Oram-Russell Designation: RRR+

Group seen by: Chris+Carolyn+Philip+Vanessa

Interest:  ****

Most likely connection from Oram-RussellDNA tree: ?

Most likely connection to Oram-Russell tree:  ?

Closest possible connection: N/A

We have 5 people but only 3 trees. The MMHANDSCOMBE  & Linda Henderson trees join at a couple married 1838 in Pirton, Hertfordshire:

George Handscombe (1819-1877) & Mary Squires (1821-1893) ;

K. Unwin (Unwink32) also ties into this couple. Both his tree and Hendersons have a Kenneth Unwin whose father is Joseph, who in turn is a son of the above couple.

The two large trees  MMHANDSCOMBE  & Linda Henderson are very extensive, and perhaps not totally independent research.


MMHANDSCOMBE 33 M 57,62 x x x x RRR Y
L.G. (managed by Linda Henderson) 57 M 33 x x x RRR Y
J.G. (managed by Linda Henderson) 62 M 33 x x x RRR Y
D.H. (managed by Linda Henderson) 127 M 33 x RRR Y
Unwink32 high M 33 x Y

Patricia Wood  also connects to the Hanscombe (note no d) name and is doubly connected to the above tree’s! Even though there is no DNA link I know of from the following person:

William HANSCOMBE 1792–1871
BIRTH 1792•Pirton, Hitchin, Hertfordshire
DEATH 1871•Pirton, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Follows down to:

George Handscombe (1819-1877) & Mary Squires (1821-1893)

and also both:

Elizabeth Hanscombe (1797-1877)


James Hanscombe (1801-1869)

Who are in Patricia Wood’s tree.

The tree that does this is:

Despite all this interdependence cannot see how to link in Han(d)scombe. But remember with inbreeding things look closer than they are with the DNA.