Talbott-Way Report

DNA results available:
Chris and Carolyn and 3rd cousin Anna Dudham via Talbott+Oram-Hinxman line. Anna’s results only visible to Carolyn


Talbott See DNA Talbott  notes for DNA data research

Talbott tree

Talbott report and best DNA link:

Very few promising links until September 2018 when  one was made with Marion, descendant of Philip and Elizabeth Talbott’s son George, brother of ‘our’ Samuel.

  • Carolyn and Chris (and Anna Dudham)
    • John Anderson Oram
      • James Oram
        • Arthur Talbott Oram
          • Jane Talbott
            • Samuel Talbott
              • Philip Talbott 1773-1851 and Elizabeth Humphries 1774-1841 Sparkford, Somerset
            • George Talbott
          • Harry Talbott
        • Francis Talbott
      • Marjorie Annie Talbott
    • Marion Hall to Australia

Chris only has a link with Carolyn Lloyd managed by Kevin Close   a descendant of Jane Talbott’s sister Elizabeth m James Higgins Bown

Way report and best DNA link:

No contact made, or even hinted at.  Family lived in Wincanton, Somerset. Small family tree to add.