DNA Introduction

Processing results from DNA tests happens through the following process:

  • Information from DNA tests arrives in Ancestry for person A
  • Clustering to make a Clustering Excel sheet for person A
  • Finding overlap with clusters from other people’s clusters. Which lead to:
    • Importing new people into person’s A clusters due to above overlap
  • The fact that another person has the same cluster limits areas of person A’s family tree that cluster must link to. Giving rise to a firm designation like RRRK
  • Analyzing the cluster and understanding its unique aspects:

In addition there is the process of searching through DNA links and finding trees that have aspects to them that make them likely candidates for further study.

These processes create results that need to be stored, for later use when subsequently doing family tree research.

This web site is intended as a place to leave the results of the above processes, hopefully organised so that it is easy to find the information when required.