Wendon-Skingley Report

DNA results available:
Chris and Carolyn, Philip and Tom,

Wendon See DNA Wendon notes for DNA data research [to be added]

Wendon tree to add

Wendon report and best DNA link:

      • Chris and Carolyn (and Tom)
        • Daphne Russell (and Philip)
          • May Fisher
            • Henrietta Mann
              • Martha Wendon
                • Matthew Wendon 1787-1866 and Elizabeth Skingley 1793-1871
              • Daniel Wendon
            • Mathew Henry Wendon  Sarah Ann Wendon
          • Minnie Kathleen Wendon 1901- Mildred Jessie Smith
        • George W Grainger
      • George W Grainger
    • Maurice W Grainger
  •  Charice Sanchez-Grainger

Link: Aurelie Bain Family Tree   obituary

Lower side of link taken from  Lynne and Alan’s tree    Chris has spoken to Kathleen Wendon and confirmed link.

Skingley See DNA Skingley notes for DNA data research [to be added]

Skingley tree to add

Skingley report and best DNA link:

See Wendon link above