Anderson-Wanless Report

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Just Chris and Carolyn

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Anderson tree

Anderson report and best DNA link:

Family were in the Alwinton area of Northumberland by mid 1700s.  They may have moved south from Scotland.  In the 1850’s our gx3 grandfather Matthew Anderson and most of his offspring moved to County Mayo, Ireland.

  • Carolyn
    • John Anderson Oram
      • James Oram
        • Catherine  Love Anderson
            • John Anderson
              • Matthew Anderson and Jane Wanless
            •  George Anderson
          • Catherine J Anderson
        • Catherine G Van Vlack
      • Madge Emma Woodburn
    •  Larry Kuyper

WANLESS see DNA Wanless notes for DNA data research

Wanless report and best DNA link:

One of Carolyn’s first green leafed ancestry links was with Dixie Hansen and her relations.  Since then the Wanless cluster has grown, now in October 2018 over …..  The connection is so well established I am not going to spend time on the Wanless family tree especially as all the information is on the Wanless Web .

The Wanless family were shepherds often moving around, living both sides of the Scotland-England border in the area in and near the Otterburn Army Training Area in Northumberland.

  • Carolyn and Chris (Chris with a match managed by Dixie Hansen)
    • John Anderson Oram
      • James Oram. County Mayo to
        • Catherine Love Anderson
          • John Anderson. Northumberland to County Mayo, Ireland
            • Jane Wanless
              • Archibald Wanless 1788-1815 and Mary Rutherford 1764-? a shepherd at Auchope, Kirk Yetholm, Roxburghshire, then Barrow, Alwinton, Northumberland and elsewhere in area.
            • Elenor Wanless to West Virginia US
          • Margaret Rutherford
        • Richard Rutherford Harris
      • Grace Harris
    • Helen Grace Gould
  • Dixie Hansen