Carolyn Group C

Oram-Russell Designation:  OTBBGGJ  ???

Group seen by: Carolyn+Chris

Interest:  ***

Most likely connection from Oram-RussellDNA tree: Elspeth Johnston abt(1706)

Most likely connection to Oram-Russell tree:  Arthur Johnson 1734

Closest possible connection: Elspeth’s  parents  are Arthur’s grandparents. But I feel this is too distant a connection, for the fact Carolyn and Chris have DNA matches, and we see 6 people in this group.

There are only 3 trees here. Two of great interest:



These two trees join at William McKindree Mitchell(1845-1882) and Nancy Catherine Holmes (1849-1897).

The third KN tree, of inferior quality, probably links through surnames Holmes(Grandparents of Catherine Holmes) or William McKindree Mitchell Grandparents Johns(t)on(West Virginia 1847 and Virginia 1771).

Major issue is William McKindree Mitchell(1845-1882) and Nancy Catherine Holmes (1849-1897) are on the East Coast of the USA, while our relatives are in UK.

G.V. (managed by BeckyDunnByars) 17 CWO_C 21,63 x x Group C Y
D.S. (managed by elmgrove30) 21 CWO_C 17,63 x x Group C N
J.B. (managed by BeckyDunnByars) 63 CWO_C 17,21 x Group C Y
S.E. (managed by chris_5332) 156 CWO_C 17 x Y
J.C. (managed by chris_5332) 158 CWO_C 17 x Group C Y
K.N. (managed by wkallas89) 1003 CWO_C 17 x