DNA Bartlett notes

In 2017 we had Rhonda to thank for her match to wattski39 who filled in an anticipated gap in Carolyn’s research giving the names of the first offspring of James and Mary nee Shean.  Carolyn in contact, good reply.

  • LizzieT2017 has also given a link back to James and Mary Shean.  No reply to Carolyn’s message, but link obvious.

Roger Pearce has match to Anita Grabham (Managed by TraceyDavies11) Honour Bartlett born 1787 Babcary.  Our James born c1750 in Babcary moved to South Barrow.  Family in Babcary, so possible link through James’ siblings.

  • nigel5169 looks like a reputable link as a 4th cousin to James Bartlett and Mary Shean, but his tree is rather rudimentary lacking places and dates.