Carolyn Group E

Oram-Russell Designation:  RFM++

Group seen by: Carolyn+Chris+Philip

Interest:  *****

Most likely connection from Oram-RussellDNA tree:  Nathaniel Mann born 1765 Belchamp Otton, Essex, England

Most likely connection to Oram-Russell tree:  William Mann Born 1816 Niagara Falls, Niagara, Ontario, Canada

Closest possible connection: Nathaniel grandfather of William

In addition mhardsand mother is Kathleen Wendon born 1901 England.

The lack of Vanessa & Angela links in this group, along with both the surnames Wendon and Mann, make it likely this cluster is a RFM+ group.


Andrea Maki 4 CWO_E 6 x E x Group E N
Julie Mann 6 CWO_E 4 x E x Group E Y
A.B. (managed by David Vitka) 247 CWO_E 6 x E Group E Y
mhardsand 790 CWO_E 4 x E Group E Y