Oram-Bartlett report

DNA results available: 

  • 3rd cousin Anna Dudham via Oram-Hinxman line. Results only visible to Carolyn
  • 4th cousins in Australia via Oram-Pearce/Vallis
    • Sue Wiggin
    • Roger Pearce
    • Rhonda Paice


See Oram DNA notes for DNA data research

Oram  tree [add page and link]

Oram report and best DNA link:

The Oram DNA links are disappointingly low.  The only link between us and our Australian Pearce/Vallis cousins is a match between  Rhonda Paice and Carolyn.  In October 2018 our only link beyond James Oram and Susannah Bartlett is back to the mid 1600s! The link is via Carolyn to Rhonda to TF (managed by bwdemo) who lives in California.

  • Carolyn
    • John Anderson Oram
      • James Oram
        • Arthur Talbott Oram
          • John Oram
            • James Oram and Susannah Bartlett
          • Susannah Oram (Weston Bampfield to Australia)
        • Alfred Edward Pearce/Vallis
      • Hazel Pearce/Vallis
    • Ronald Braid
  • Rhonda Paice
    • Ronald Braid
      • Hazel Pearce
        • Alfred Edward Pearce
          • Susannah Oram (Weston Bampfield to Australia)
            • James Oram
              • Isaac Oram
                • Isaac Oram
                  • Francis Oram 1666-? and Joane c1673-? Ansford, Somerset
                • Elias Oram
              • James Oram
            • Edward Oram
          • Sarah Oram
        • Robert Francis (Castle Cary to Ohio)
      • John Robert Francis
    • John Harold Francis
  • TF  and DF both managed by bwdemo


See Bartlett DNA notes DNA data research

Bartlett tree [to add]

Bartlett report and best DNA link:

In 2017 we had Rhonda to thank for her match to wattski39 [*below] who filled in an anticipated gap in Carolyn’s research giving the names of the first offspring of James and Mary nee Shean. In September 2018 we found a match with Lizzie T2017. There was a simple error in LizzieT2017’s tree that I have corrected below and added Elizabeth’s father and grandparents. In 2020 nigel5169 added but this time only match is Chris Oram.

    • Chris (also on Sue Wiggin’s match list)
      • John Anderson Oram
        • James Oram
          • Arthur Talbott Oram
            • John Oram
              • Susannah Bartlett
                • James Bartlett c1750-1800 and Mary Shean c1746-1809 
              • Samuel Bartlett   *John Bartlett
            • Elizabeth Bartlett   *Elizabeth Bartlett
          • Daniel Bartlett Toop  Samuel Toop *Eleanor Ann Hill
        • John Bartlett Toop   Lilian May Toop *William Henry Watts
      • Michael Bartlett Toop Valerie May Silvey   *Howard Edward Watts
    • nigel5169wattski39 
  • LizzieT2017