DNA Oram notes

  • 6 test results available Chris, Carolyn, 3 Australian Pearce/Vallis 4th cousins and 3rd cousin Anna Dudham (Hinxman)
  • Match with Lisa Rothman John Samuel line
  • Theadora Francis  bwdemo  link back to Francis Oram 1666-? and Joane via Theadora’s relations and Rhonda. Carolyn in contact, replied.  Theadora gave us her other Oram matches see below.
  • **** LARGE NEW BRANCH**** JAMES and JOHN -sons of Isaac and Elizabeth Clare had a sister Sarah and 3 other siblings baptised Oarm. From Rhonda match with …

Matches found not placed in tree

John Oram match with Chris and Anna Dudham, who must be a descendant of  Oram-Talbott marriage.  Does not reply to Chris and Carolyn’s messages. Carolyn contacted John Oram’s match penelopebawden of Bristol. No reply, as predicted.

Tina  ancestry name JL Dabbles match with Carolyn and Rhonda.  Rev. Charles James Oram, b 1 Nov 1816 in New Brunswick, Canada English roots unknown.  Replied and would be helpful.

RB (Corinne Board)  is on Sue’s list and Carolyn’s. Sent message.

Chris’s  Maine match. Turned up nothing.

Clare family: In 2012 Carolyn contacted ehschultz who is a descendant of John Clare, sister of Elizabeth who married Isaac Oram.  Helpful, would share research, other Somerset names Pond, Biggin, Bacon (John b 1814 at Ditcheat moved to Wells).  No ancestry tree. Oct 2018 not on our DNA lists, do not know if he has taken the test. Oct 2018 Carolyn e-mailed sweetontexas who manages S.G. on Chris and Carolyn’s match list. Ancestors in Ditcheat named Chinnock. On ancestry found a Chinnock marrying a Clare in Ditcheat in 1740s. No reply so far.

Sarah [Jane] Oram b.1785 Ditcheat married Lawrence Lansdown Bond in both   Debbie Keys: (Rhonda link  family moved between Somerset  South Wales and  Lancashire coalfields)  and judixon43 Roger Pearce link (looks a GOOD TREE).  Our family moved to Ditcheat about 1750.

THEADORA’s message including Oram Matches:

Hello, Carolyn,
My name is Theadora Francis (username bwdemo) & I tested my DNA with my nieces DF & CF. I’m not sure how we appear on other people’s match lists. Of the matches you mentioned, I only see rh460 on my own match list. I don’t see anyone under the name VF.

If I type the name Oram for my own DNA, I get 6 matches with that name in their trees:
rmwerner15 [could  not find], susanlukrich [not on our match lists], and A.C. managed by didilu [could  not find](who are all descendants from my line from my great-great-grandparents Robert Francis who married Sarah Oram). Then rh460, dibraid [Sue’s cousin in Australia] & BFlowers68 [not on our match lists] who are more distant.

For my niece, CF, her Oram matches are some the same as mine & Shelley_White, and B.J. (managed by Shelley_White [could  not find]), and strikemaster2000 [not on our match lists]

My other niece DF has some of the same (including rh460) and sandygardner1007 [not on our match lists]

I know I need to fill out my extended Oram family tree better & appreciate the clues pointing toward confirmation of our relationship earlier in my tree. I know that familytreedna allows free raw DNA transfers. I tested myself there & 23andme too. I also uploaded my results to gedmatch along with my brother. Thanks for getting in touch. I’m in California & I think my Francis/Oram cousin didilu said she was in Australia too.

Theadora Francis
[email protected]

Comparing with Anna’s results:

Lynn Wean

with Carolyn, but not same family

Johnfrelick  with Roger