DNA Kingsley-Furrian notes

A good number of matches as  our great-great grandparents Peggy Kingsley and John Throssell were first cousins and quite a number of their descendants emigrated to the USA.  There were more cases of Kingsley cousins marrying so it is not surprising that we are ‘strong’ in this area of our tree

Worth checking out Carolyn’s research etc on our Russell website on the menu Kingsley is under Throssell.

Chris, Carolyn and Vanessa have ancestry.com DNA green leaf “shared ancestry hint” with Ivy Murphy, first mutual ancestors John Kingsley and Mary Furrian. Carolyn in contact, replied.

Our best match is with Timothy Kingsley, see Kingsley-Furrian Report page that hopefully will take us back another generation. (Chris contacted, replied). See our Russell family history site for deatiled research on Canadian Kingsleys

TOMPKINS -TEACHOUT BRANCH of the Kingsley-Furrian marriage  went to Pitstone and Tring, Hertfordshire.  There they married into the Tompkins family who emigrated to the  USA where they married into the Teachout family.  DNA links include

  • kimtthomas matches with Carolyn and Vanessa. (Carolyn contacted, replied)
  • Tompkins – the husband of Paula pgregoirejones   matches with Chris and Carolyn (Carolyn contacted, replied)

Chris’s notes on RRTKKKK or RRTTKKK Kingsley-Cain/Brittian Marriage

Transition from Kingsley to Daniels. Good DNA evidence for:

Edward  b.1767 bpt 7Jan1771 Pirton son of John and Mary, probably younger brother of our John m. Mary Furrian. Maybe died 1798, Pirton no age of Edward buried given. Married 23 Apr 1792 at Shillington, Beds. Also noted in Pirton banns register.

  • +Ann Twydell 1766-?[also Twidale etc] bapt 28 Sep 1766 at Shillington do Edward and Ann.
  • John bapt 1795 Pirton may have married Sophia Daniels.  Some ancestry trees suggest her husband John Kingsley was born 1793 Southill, Bedfordshire (as that was where their son was born) but DNA suggests Pirton as does sheilalumsden  who last signed into ancestry  in 2017. Could they have used the family name Kingsley Daniels to differentiate from another local Kingsley family?
    • +Sophia Daniels
    • George Kingsley Daniels 1825-1904 born Southill, married Harriet born Clifton, Offspring born Clifton, Henlow, Stondon, Arlesey, Shillington. In Shillington in 1861. Arlesey in 1871.  He was an agricultural labourer moving around the area!
    • Sarah bapt 1798 Pirton [same year as father died??]
  • see also Jane Cooper  & Martin_Prutton80


Melissa Fisher (kennethross81)  no reply by Jan19

Primet(t) – Furrian marriage
Mark Shepherd
tree with a Thomas Primet Birth ABT 1774 Shillington, Beds, in their tree.
Now I follow an Ancestry.com tree (looks well researched to me):
back to a couple in Pirton:
Robert Primett 1654–1712
BIRTH 01 MAR 1654 • Pirton, Hertfordshire
DEATH DEC 1712 • Pirton, Hertfordshire
Susannah 1659–1711
BIRTH ABT. 1659 • Pirton, Hertfordshire
DEATH MAY 1711 • Pirton, Hertfordshire
Who had a daughter:
Hellen Primett
BIRTH 1693 • Pirton, Hertfordshire, England
DEATH 03 FEB 1768 • Pirton, Hertfordshire, England
Who married:
John Furrian 1687–1731
BIRTH 17 JUL 1687 • Pirton, Hertfordshire, England
DEATH 30 AUG 1731 • Pirton, Hertfordshire, England

Chris’s notes on Primett-Furrian marriage