Chris R Group

Oram-Russell Designation: RRRDDH 

Group seen by: Chris+Vanessa

Interest:  *****

Most likely connection from Oram-RussellDNA tree: Hannah Hunt (1768?-)

Most likely connection to Oram-Russell tree: William Hunt (1785-1855+) of Reed Hertfordshire

Closest possible connection: Brother/Sister

Connected trees within group

Red Group: This  Moron group has two big trees JB and DR which both have a William Hunt (1785-1855+) of Reed Hertfordshire marrying a Mary Ann (Marianne) Holmes from Lincolnshire. Marriage 1816 Rampton, Cambridge.  They had a son Isaac Hunt (born Reed, Hertfordshire; Reed is 16 miles from Hitchin), who had 2 wives: JB connects to the first wife Ann Newling , DR connects to the second wife Partha Barney. Gregory Allred  tree also connects in via Adrell Hunt (1891 – 1974) who is on the JB and DR trees as last daughter of Isaacs second wife Partha Barney. 

Blue Group: This is a Mormon group of parents (BJClarkLarson) and children (C.C. (managed by josh clark) & josh clark). So just using the tree of BJClarkLarson describes all three. It is the biggest tree of these 3 by far. It is inferior in quality to the Red Group trees. We suspect this group is connected to the red group.

Green Group: This is a set of minor trees, probably Mormon.

Amanda Chapman: This is a tree that contains a set of people who moved to NSW, Australia circa 1850 from the UK. No one is of obvious interest to us. But clearly connecting this tree to the Red or Blue tree would likely yield significant information.

Jason Thelin 29 R 114 x x RRR N
Donna Brody 114 R 29 x x Y
Amanda Chapman 121 R 29 x x RRR Y
BJClarkLarson 128 R 29 x x Y
Gregory Allred 141 R 29 x x RRR Y
D.R. (managed by DougnRuthsDaughter) 142 R 29 x x RRR Y
C.C. (managed by josh clark) 154 R 29 x x Y
josh clark 157 R 29 x RRR y
J.B. (managed by BurgessJandK) 227 R 29 x x Y
BLANK FIELD xxx R 29 x N
April Thomas high R 29 x Y
cj8050 high R 29 x N
aftons47 high R 29 x Y
HuLene Strong high R 29 x N
Cathryn Davies high R 29 x N
Claire Edwards high R 29 x N

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Day-Hunt tree