Russell-Wagstaff Report

DNA results available:
Chris and Carolyn, Philip and Tom and Vanessa

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Russell report and best DNA link:

A family of fellmongers working in the sheepskin industry who have been traced back to Shefford in Bedfordshire where William had lived before he moved to Potton, Bedfordshire.  Oral history goes back to William’s son Jacob of Potton.  DNA links made to Jacob through his son Jacob from his first marriage and Emma through his marriage to Susannah Wagstaff. Link to Kiwikane:

  • Chris and Carolyn (and Tom) (and managed Bernard Kane for Vanessa)
    • Daphne Russell (and Philip)
      • GH Russell
        • GW Russell
          • GW Russell
            • Jacob Russell 1789- 1849 and Susannah Wagstaff 1795-1845
          • Emma Russell to New Zealand
        • Emma Susan Marsh
      • Patrick Kane
    • Private
  • KiwiKane Charlotte,NC, USA


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Wagstaff report and best DNA link:

From Potton and Sutton area of Bedfordshire.   Carolyn, Philip and Tom are matched with ajpdep who does not seem very interested in family history.  Vanessa is matched with Krista Watts

      • Carolyn (and Tom) Vanessa
        • Daphne Russell (and Philip) Sybil Russell
          • GH Russell LA Russell
            • GW Russell
              • GW Russell
                • Susannah Wagstaff
                  • German (or Jermain etc) Wagstaff
                    • Thomas Wagstaff 1723-1788 and Susanna Foskew (Foscue etc) 1725-1783)
                  • Elizabeth Wagstaff John Wagstaff
                • Mary Banes Isaac Wagstaff
              • Martha Yerrill  William Wagstaff to Salt Lake, Utah
          • John Gilbert Mary Rachel Wagstaff
        • Susan Gilbert Maria Ann Clark
      • George Henry Head Leah Clark Kimball
    • Irene Doris Head “Private”
  • ajpdep Krista Watts