First 18 months – what we have learnt

Oram We lack Oram DNA! but Rhoda in Australia has a good helping. Via Rhoda we can get DNA back to the early 1700s.

Bartlettwattski gave us the missing info on the early part of Bartlett-Shean marriage and gave us their elder offspring born Queen Camel. DNA to Bartlett-Shean

Talbott DNA back to Talbott-Humphries

Way no luck

Anderson Must be there due to so many Wanless matches none indentified

Wanless lots DNA back to Wanless-Rutherford

Stokoe and Newland a weak potential Stokoe match

Talbot DNA link to George Talbot via descendants by first marriage

Plummer no luck

Macro and Colman extended tree thanks to Dunstans and EdC

Blake excellent match with Wisemans

Garson one good DNA match

Murton and ? some tantalising leads, but no cousins identified

Russell DNA links to both Jacob’s spouses

Wagstaff 2 links to Susannah’s parents – one with Vanessa and one with Carolyn

Day just back to Day-Pattenden marriage. Tantalising leads

Pattenden link proving Day-Pattenden marriage

Fisher-Richards and Snel(l)grove- Hatch[?] good DNA links and contact with descendants of Thomas Fisher and Bertha Snelgrove. Nothing previous generations

Mann good match back to Mann-Heldson marriage

Ager just to Mann-Ager marriage above

Wendon-Skingsley good match to their marriage