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Relationship to the Oram family

Susannah Bartlett 1782-1838, daughter of James Bartlett c1750-1800 and Mary Shean c1746-1809 married James Oram 1774-1839  son of Isaac 1745-1802 and Elizabeth Clare 1747-1795.

Two generations later Elizabeth Marshall Bartlett 1846-1889 daughter of James Bartlett 1813-1895 and  Elizabeth Marshall 1810-c1886 married Job Cox Oram 1843- after 1868 son of William Oram 1809-1873 and Mary Cox 1820-after 1901. Elizabeth and Job shared the same great-grandparents.

Map of places mentioned is here.

Oral tradition

Two pieces of information have been handed down in the family:

  • That James and Mary Bartlett farmed in South Barrow, Somerset and
  • that the offspring of James and Susannah Oram had Bartlett cousins including a Samuel who was living at Standerwick Farm, Foddington, Babcary during the second part of the nineteenth century, while Abraham was at a neighbouring farm. ‘Cousins’ Marshall Bartlett and Nehemiah Bartlett are also mentioned.

In the 1841 and 1851 censuses Samuel and Abraham were with their father Samuel Bartlett 1775 (or 1781) -1851 at Standerwick Farm.  Samuel 1775 -1851 had been born in South Barrow and parish records show that he was the sibling of Susannah 1782-1838.  Marshall and Nehemiah belonged to the next generation.

Bartlett, the South Barrow – Babcary connection

We have established that Bartletts lived in South Barrow for only four generations between the marriage of James Bartlett of Babcary to Mary Shean in 1764 until James Marshall Bartlett, born 1854 died in 1897 leaving a widow and two young children. By the 1901 census Henry Corp, who may have been a brother of James Marshall Bartlett’s widow was farming Parsonage Farm.

Research into the Bartletts of Babcary in the mid 1770s

Our research into the parents, siblings and cousins of James Bartlett c1750-1800 can be seen on this page.

James and Mary nee Shean Bartlett

More information on their lives can be seen starting with this page.

James and Susannah nee Bartlett Oram

More information on their lives and descendants can be seen starting with this page.

Samuel Bartlett, brother of Susannah

More information on Samuel’s life and descendants can be seen starting with this page.

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