Philip Talbott 1773-1851 and Elizabeth Humphries 1774-1841

Philip Talbott 1773-1851 was born in Stawell, Somerset, baptised there on 15 November 1773 and died in Sparkford, Somerset buried 12 May 1851. Luckily Philip was included in the 1851 census where he stated that he was born in Stawell, a hamlet near Bridgwater 20 miles from Sparkford.

Philip married Elizabeth Humphries 1774-1841 on 5 Sept 1796 at Sparkford, Somerset who was buried 18 Jan 1841 aged 67 years at Sparkford. Two other Talbotts from Stawell had married women from the Humphries family in nearby Weston Bampfylde,  see Talbott in Stawell page . The little that we know about the Humpries family is on their page.

Philip 1774-1851 was a carpenter and his 1803 bill for work he carried out in an unspecified church was found in the back of an old Oram family atlas.

2029, P1150034
Bill for work carried out in an unspecified church by Philip Talbott 1774-1851

Ancestry DNA Link with Marion descendant of Philip and Elizabeth’s son George

Family tree of the descendants of Philip and Elizabeth


NOTE  As there were a number of Talbot and Talbott families in the area the following may be inaccurate.  I intend to return to this tree. 

Philip and Elizabeth’s offspring were all baptised under the name Talbet, was this to distinguish from the Talbot family already living in Sparkford area?

  1.  Samuel Talbott 1797-1870 who married Charity Way 1792-1866
  2. Thomas, infant buried 18 Jan 1800
  3. Thomas baptised 1 Feb 1801 farmer at Chalton Hawthorne by 1836 died there 1871. Monumental inscription “Husband of Jane, died at Bull Inn Farm”.  In 1851 census, a widower  living with sister-in-law Elizabeth Burrows born North Cadbury in 1810. In 1881 census Thomas’s farmer sons living with Elizabeth Burrows at Bull Inn.
    1. + Jane Burroughs [Burrows?] born c1811 probably in North Cadbury m Thomas, a baker on 8 Apr 1830 at  Sparkford.  Died before 1851 census, probably Jane Talbot buried in Charlton Hawthorne in 1843.
    2. Charles c1827- born Cadbury [bapt 7 Nov 1830 parents Thomas (a baker) and Jane at North Cadbury.] 1851 census: miller and baker (then disappears?)
    3. William baptised 1833 at North Cadbury.  Unmarried farmer in 1881
    4. Thomas c1836- born Charlton Hawthorne.  Unmarried farmer in 1881
    5. Edwin 1837-1894 born and buried Charlton Hawthorne, baker
      1. + Esther Wright, married 1884, daughter Eva
    6. Jane 1837-? proably Edwin’s twin as baptised same day.
    7. Samuel c1840- unmarried farmer in 1881
    8. Sarah Ann 1840-? unmarried in 1881
    9. Mary Ann Burrrows 1843-1888 unmarried
  4. Philip baptised 24 April 1803 a Philip Talbot was buried 22 Aug 1841 38 yr at Sparkford. 1841 census corn dealer[?] lived in Castle Cary with 4 offspring.
    1. + Amelia W[ebbers]…1802-1878 probably born Charlton Adam. married Sparkford 7 May 1832 witness Ann Talbott.   After Philip’s death Amelia lived on parish relief.
  5. Ann baptised 4 August 1805 married Galhampton or North Cadbury born James Talbott son of labourer James Talbott in Sparkford in 1840. Witnesses Samuel Talbott and Mary Ann Talbott. Ann’s father Philip was with them in 1851 census.
  6. Elizabeth baptised 27 Dec 1807 burial 26 Apr 1809 “Elizabeth do Philip and Elizabeth”
  7. George baptised Sparkford 3 Feb 1811-1884 miller/Baker lived in North Cadbury buried Sparkford. Hewlets Mill in 1841. Three ashes in 1851.
    1. +Ann Cox bc 1841 Sutton Montis do Job Cox
    2. Sarah 1838-
    3. Matilda not in 1851 census
    4. Job Cox 1842- 1871 coal merchant
      1. +Ellen Coleman c1844- born North Cadbury
      2. Emily Ann Cox 1869-
        1. +Frederick James King 1875-? of Dinton, Wiltshire in 1905 at Holton, Somerset.
      3. Mary Ellen 1871-
    5. George 1845- Blacksmith moved to Yeovil
      1. + Mary Jane Symes in 1873 at Compton Pauncefoot no offspring found
    6. Harry 1847-1890 baker at Galhampton
      1. +Ann Parsons 1867- at North Cadbury
      2. Elizabeth Ann
      3. Thomas 1868-
      4. George Henry 1871-
        1. married
      5. Sarah Amelia 1873-
      6. Francis 1875-1912
        1. married with offspring descendant Ancestry DNA match Marion Hall
      7. Harry 1877- married Anne Mary moved to York
      8. Elsie 1879- probably did not marry
      9. Job 1880-
    7. Mary Ellen 1849-
    8. Ann
    9. Mary M
    10. James F
    11. Martha 1859- [nurse with Job Cox Talbott in 1871. with parents and Emily Ann Cox Talbott in 1881] died 1927 Langport Reg Dist. Somerset
      1. +Edwin Thorne 1859-1893 b.Charlton Horethorne son of rope maker Henry Thorne, became a journeyman miller, married North Cadbury 1883, baker in Lovington at 1891 census while John Oram was farming at Charity Farm, died Babcary
      2. Descendant and Ancestry DNA match dbaulch

Sparkford parish records in finish end 1812

  • Records found in ancestry:
  • Sparkford
  • 1834 Elizabeth Talbot m James Bishop

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