John Oram 1800-1891

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There is sufficient family documentation to establish that this John Oram was the son of John Oram born 1772 in Ditcheat, though he is often referred to as living in Alhampton that is a hamlet within the parish of Ditcheat.  I, Carolyn have a problem with my research below ending with John who had been a labourer all his life owing land, describing himself as a yeoman in his last census return and dying with an estate of over £663. Luckily we can view online the diaries of John’s nephew John Oram 1824-1907 where on 15 January 1891 [go to ‘leaf 27’ of the diary] he attended “John Oram’s funeral at Ditcheat aged 90”.

There is a headstone in Ditcheat churchyard commerating John’s three daughters and backing up the research below. Sarah, widow of William A’COURT, died 25 Jan 1903, aged 70. And her sister, Ann, widow of Heber DENMAN, died 4 June 1903, aged 65. Also their sister, Mary COX, died 10 June 1907, aged 78. [Source findmypast subscription website]

In the 1846 Poll Book  John Oram of Ditcheat quailfied to vote as he ownwed freehold houses and land in Alhampton.

In the 1841 census there were  seven Orams living in the same household in Alhampton, all were born in Somerset.  It looks like a family group consisting of mother, a son, either two daughters or a daughter and daughter-in-law and three grandchildren by resident or absent son(s).  In the 1841 census ages of adults were normally given to the nearest five years.

  • Mary Oram, 70 yrs, School Mistress
  • Mary Oram, 51 yrs, Knitter
  • Ann Oram, 45 yrs, Knitter
  • John Oram, 40 yrs, La [probably Labourer]
  • Mary Oram, 12 yrs
  • Sarah Oram, 8 yrs
  • Ann Oram, 3 yrs
Ann Oram, daughter of John and Ann, Birth Certificate

School mistress, 70 year old Mary Oram was probably John’s mother.  The 51 year old Mary would have been John’s sister, but 45 year old Ann could have been John’s wife or sister. The birth certificate for Ann Oram, daughter of John Oram born in 1837 in Ditcheat is almost certainly for the three year old Ann in the census.  The certificate gives Ann’s mother’s name as ‘Ann Oram formerly Davis’  but to confuse matters in the 1871 census  John is living with his sister Anne born 1793.

In the 1841 census peoples’ married status was not recorded, from 1851 onwards they were, so we know that John was a widower by 1851 and could have been in 1841.  There is a death certificate for Anne Oram who died in West Camel in early 1838 but this Anne was 60 years old. at a time when John was 38.

The 1851 census confirms that Mary, Sarah and Ann are daughters of John, agricultural labourer by then definitely a widower living in Tinney’s Lane, Ditcheat.  John’s mother Mary is still the local school mistress, living with her daughter Ann, a knitter while her other daughter Mary is housekeeper to a family in Castle Cary.

Mother Mary had died by the 1861 census and her daughter Ann was the Alhampton Infant School mistress living with her ‘lodger’ sister Mary.  John was with his two daughters Mary and Sarah. In 1860 Ann had married William Golledge and would later marry Heber Denman.

John’s sister Anne [sic] is living with ‘labourer’ John in the 1871 census along with John’s daughter Mary, now Mary Cox and her five year old son John Oram Cox.   Mary had married George Cox in early 1865.   John Oram Cox had been born in Pilton, Somerset and was to die in 1876.  Sarah had moved to North Cadbury where she was companion to Frances Coleman, the 82 year old aunt of William A Court.

In the 1873 Return of owners of land in England John Oram of Ditcheat, Bath owned land totally 2A 0R  31P  with a Gross Estimated Rental of £21.

Acre = 4 roods = 10 sq chains = 4840 sq yards = Statute acre
Rood = ¼ acre = 1,210 sq yards = 40 sq poles
Sq Pole = 30¼ sq yards [often simply referred to as a Pole or Perch in land measurement]

In John’s last census in 1881 he was living with his married daughter dressmaker Mary Cox. Sarah had married William A Court whose aunt was still alive and they have no offspring.

John died on 10 January 1891 and his funeral was held on 15 January at Ditcheat.  His probate record states:

ORAM John Personal Estate £668 2s 2d. Probate date 2 March 1891. The will of John Oram late of Alhampton within the Parish of Ditcheat in the County of Somerset Yeoman who died 10 January 1891 at Alhampton was proved at the Principal Registry by Heber Denman of Galhampton within the Parish of Castle Cary in the said County Yeoman the surviving Exectutor. [Source]

Note that Heber Denman was the second husband of John’s daughter Ann.

This branch of the family appears to have no living descendants.

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Castle Cary
Birthplace of John Cox Oram 1866-1876, son Mary Oram and grandson John Oram 1800-1891
North Cadbury
Sarah Oram b1833, daughter of John Oram 1800-1891 married William A Court. They lived with his elderly aunt in North Cadbury

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