Roots in Ansford

Family roots in the parish of Ansford, near to Castle Cary

The early parish registers for Somerset show that Oram was a fairly common surname in the area. Two of the nuclei were at Castle Cary and neighbouring Ansford.

Elizeus Oram birth unknown died 7-5-1628 and Elizabeth Heywarde birth unknown died 9-12-1624 were married in 1589 at Ansford

Our Ansford roots can be traced back to Elizeus Oram ?-1628 who married Elizabeth Heywarde ?-1624 in 1589.   The Ansford parish records start in 1554 so if Elizeus was born in Ansford his baptism should have featured in its parish registers but none has been found. The earliest entry for an Oram is the burial of Elizabeth Oram in 1556.

The direct line from Elizeus ?-1628 and Elizabeth ?-1624 to Isaac born 1705, our first ancestor who we can write a story about is:

  • Walter Oram 1603-1713 married Margaret Colmer ?-1668 in 1629 in Ansford
  • David Oram 1632-1727 married Frances Noble ?-1692 in 1655 in Castle Cary
  • Ffrancis Oram 1666-1727 married Joane ?-1746
  • Isaac Oram 1705-1791


Our 4th cousin Rhonda, confirmed by DNA that Isaac, son of the above Ffrancis and Joane also had a son Elias.