Susannah Oram & John Pearce Branch

Susannah “Susan” Oram 1817-1899

Born: 20 August 1817, probably at Queen Camel, Somerset, England

Parents: James Oram 1774-1839 and Susannah Bartlett 1782-1838

Siblings: William Oram 1809-1839Mary Oram 1813-1888 , Elizabeth Oram 1818-1878, Sarah Oram 1820-1869  and John Oram 1824-1907  

Married: John White Pearce c1800-1888 place and date not known

Offspring:  John Frank Pearce 1851-1929, Henry White Pearce 1855-1888William F Pearce 1856-1936Charles G Pearce 1858-c1860 and Alfred Pearce 1861-1915

Lived in: Weston Bampfylde, Somerset, England and Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

Died: 1899 at Reynard Road, Coburg, Melbourne Victoria,  Australia. Buried in Fawkner and Coburg Cemetery.  Named Susan in death record.

In 2012 the family had only two pieces of information about Susannah, third daughter of James and Susannah (nee Bartlett) Oram. The first was that in 1841, following the death of their parents in 1838 and 1839 Susannah and her siblings William, Elizabeth, Sarah and John were living at the family farm in Weston Bampfylde. The second was from her brother John Oram’s affidavit in the ‘Guppy Case‘ in 1905:  

Susanna Oram (born 20th August, 1817), a maternal aunt of said Albin Guppy, it is believed went to New South Wales about 50 years ago

In February 2013  Susannah’s direct descendant Susan Wiggin contacted us and we established the connection between the Oram and Pearce Families.

No record of a marriage between Susannah and John White Pearce in England can be found in 2013.   All we can deduce is that they met in 1850 or before, their eldest son John Frank Pearce was born in 1851, and lived as a married couple for the rest of their lives.   In the 1850s there were Pearce families living in the Somerset villages of  Ansford, East Lydford and West Lydford, all a few miles from Susannah’s home in Weston Bampfylde.  If John and Susannah had been married in Somerset then Susannah’s brother John would have known and mentioned it in his affidavit, above.

John White Pearce c1800-1888

Birth: c1800 Somerset, England

Parents and siblings: No information

Married: Susannah “Susan” Oram 1817-1899 place and date not known

Offspring:  John Frank Pearce 1851-1929Henry White Pearce 1855-1888William F Pearce 1856-1936Charles G Pearce 1858-c1860 and Alfred Pearce 1861-1915

Lived in:  Somerset, England and Victoria, Australia

Died: 6 Jun 1888 at Arcadia Cottage and buried in Campbell’s Creek, Victoria, Australia

Pages for the Pearce-Oram branch of the family are password protected while they are being developed.

Susannah Oram 1817-1899 and John White Pearce 1799-1888

Ivy and Dorothy Pearce – c 1912
Elsie and Pearl Beatrice Pearce c1910 – granddaughters of Susannah

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