+ Elizabeth Clare 1747-1795

  • Born: 1747 Baptised 25 Oct 1747 at Ditcheat, Somerset
  • Parents: Arthur Clare c1719-1794 and Elizabeth Still? c1712-1787
  • Siblings: John Clare 1746-? also baptised 25 Oct 1747 at Ditcheat
  • Married: Isaac Oram 1745-1802 on 11 Nov 1771 at Ditcheat, Somerset
  • Offspring: John Oram 1772-1802James Oram 1774-1839; William 1780- baptised Oarm; Frances Oram 1782- baptised Oarm; Sarah Oram 1785-1860 baptised Oarm; Melior Oram 1788- baptised Oarm
  • Died: 1795 buried 2 August 1795 at Ditcheat, Somerset

Elizabeth Clare was born in Ditcheat in 1747.  Elizabeth’s mother Elizabeth was buried on 22 October 1787 and her father Arthur on 20 March 1794 in Ditcheat. At that time there was a tax levied for entries in parish registers but paupers were exempt. Both Elizabeth and Arthur are marked as paupers in the register but that was probably not true. The clergy made Parliament abandon the tax by giving ‘pauper’ a broad definition beyond those receiving poor relief under The Poor Laws. Over half the people being baptised or buried in Ditcheat were marked by the rector as paupers, too high for all of them to be requiring poor relief.  In their case it probably meant that elderly Arthur and Elizabeth were dependent in their offspring.

I tend to agree with Ancestry family trees that suggest that Elizabeth’s parents were probably the Arthur Clare and Elizabeth Still who were married at Corton Denham on 17 April 1745.

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