Isaac 1745-1802 offspring

In the 1960s we were told that Isaac Oram and Elizabeth nee Clare had two offspring, our great x 3 grandfather James Oram and his elder brother John Oram. A check of the Ditcheat registers using family history websites did not show any further offspring.

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In 2019 DNA test results led to a careful check the Ditcheat baptism registers when the family tree of DNA match Debbie Keys included a Sarah Oram born in Ditcheat in 1785. Sarah had been baptised Oarm as had three more of Isaac and Elizabeth’s offspring. There appear to be no more offspring born during the gap of six years between James in 1774 and William in 1780.

  • John Oram 1772-1802 branch
    • John’s family remained in Ditcheat area until the early 20th century. We have not had contact with any of John’s living descendants and research suggests that the line had died out.
  • James Oram 1774-1839 branch
    • Our line of descendants well documented. In the early 20th century James and Susannah’s descendants lived in England, Ireland, Australia and USA.
  • William Oram 1780- baptised Oarm baptised 22 March 1780
    • No further information in 2019
  • Frances Oram 1782- baptised Oarm daughter baptised 29 December 1782 at Ditcheat.
    • No further information in 2019
  • Sarah Oram 1785-1860 branch baptised Oarm
    • Sarah’s line is well documented in a number of ancestry family trees. Many of her descendants moved between the Ditcheat area of Somerset and the coalfields of Lancashire, South Wales and Somerset.
  • Melior or Mellior? Oram 1788- baptised Oarm daughter born 19 March 1788, baptised 26 May 1788 at Ditcheat.
    • No further information in 2019