Associated families

The definition of an ‘Associated Family’ is that a member of the family must have married a direct descendant of Isaac.

Only a few of the families are listed below, and only a few of them currently have links to their own pages.  If you have information on any associated families please contact us and extra pages will be set up if necessary.  Please see the Friends page for guidelines. 

James Oram 1774-1839 married Susannah Bartlett
ggg – Bartlett Family
ggg   James Bartlett married Elizabeth Marshall
ggggg – Marshall family

William Oram c1810-1873 married Mary Cox
ggg – Cox Family

James William Oram 1866-after 1914  married Alice Amelia Benjafield
ggg – Benjafield Family

Mary Oram c1813-1888 married James Hockey
ggg – Hockey Family

Elizabeth Oram c1818-1878 married James Guppy
ggg – Guppy Family

John Oram 1824-1907 married Jane Talbott whose grandfather was Philip Talbott
ggg – Talbott Family
gggggMary A Talbott 1823-1895 married William Golledge
ggggggg – Golledge Family
gggggElizabeth Talbott 1832-1920 married James Higgins Bown
ggggggg – Bown Family
gggggSusanna Talbott  married Richard Hoare
ggggggg – Hoare Family

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