Genealogical Tree: Susannah Oram 1817 – 1899 Susannah Oram

Pages for the Pearce-Oram branch of the family are password protected while they are being developed.

Susannah Oram 1817-1899 and John White Pearce c1800 -1880   John Frank Pearce 1851-1929
Jane Emma Stodart c1851-1916  Frank Stodart Pearce c1881-c1942 Percy Whyte Pearce 1886-1959 Elsie Pearce 1885-1968 Beatrice P Pearce 1888-1957 Clive Ashby Pearce 1892-1893 Henry White Pearce 1855-1888 not married, no issue William F Pearce 1856-1936
Edith May Allday 1860-1946 Daisy Bella Pearce 1879-1948 Edith Allday Pearce 1880-1948 Evelyn Jane Pearce 1882-1984 Ruby May Pearce 1884-1960 Violet Irene Pearce 1887-1978 Robert V Pearce 1887-1887 Minnie Pearce 1889-1925 Ivy Jean Pearce 1891-1985 Dorothy Pearce 1892-1974 Vera Pearce 1896- Harry York Pearce 1902 – ?? Percy Pearce Charles G Pearce 1858-c1860 died in infancy Alfred Pearce 1861-1915
Catherine Langley 1862-1943 Amy Estella Pearce 1884-1960 Alfred Pearce 1885-1972 Hazel Pearce 1887-1965 William Henry Pearce 1890-1922 Margaret Pearce 1895-1974 Roy Archibald Pearce 1898-1981 Myrtle Catherine Pearce 1900-1985

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