Isaac Oram 1705-1791

  • Born: Baptised 27 Feb 1705 at Ansford, Somerset, England
  • Parents: Ffrancis Oram 1666-1727 and Joane
  • Siblings: Betty 1679-?, Francis 1700-?, Edward 1702-?, James 1709-10 and Elias
  • Married: 1: Lucy Roach ? – 1736 on 26 May 1729 at Castle Cary
  • 2: Sarah Higgins c1709-1808 on 25 Sept 1737 at Ansford, Somerset
  • Offspring 1: George Oram 1734-?,
  • 2:  Samuel Oram 1738-1801, Sarah Oram 1740-1812, Isaac Oram 1745-1802, Matthew Oram 1747-?, George Oram 1750-?, Jane Betty Oram 1752-?, David Oram 1757-1840
  • Died: Buried 20 Nov 1791 in Ditcheat, Somerset

Family roots in the parish of Ansford near Castle Cary

DNA link between Isaac and his brother Elias back to Ffrancis and Joane.

Isaac Oram was the third son of Ffrancis and Joane Oram.  In 1729 Isaac married Lucy Roach in Castle Cary. After seven years of marriage Lucy died and was buried in Castle Cary on 7 March 1736 probably leaving Isaac with one son, George. Eighteen months later in September 1737 Isaac married Sarah Higgins “of Ditcheat” at Ansford.  The Ditcheat records show a number of families of Higgens or Higgins living in the parish but there is no Sarah Higgins baptised in or near the 1708 to 1718 window. It maybe that Sarah was a widow and Higgins her previous married name.

Samuel and Sarah, the first two children of Isaac and Sarah, were baptised in Ansford. Their son Isaac 1745 was baptised in Ansford BUT it was noted that his abode was Ditcheat, so Isaac and Sarah must have made four kilometre move to Ditcheat after their second child Sarah was born.  Later their grandson John lived in Alhampton, a hamlet to the south of Ditcheat.  It is not known if Isaac and Sarah moved to Alhampton or somewhere else within the parish of Ditcheat.

So why, when the next son Matthew was born and baptised in Ditcheat was Isaac described as ‘of Castol Cary’?   Ansford (a hamlet) is less than a kilometre from Castle Cary (a small market town) so maybe Isaac lived in Ansford but worked and spent most of his time in Castle Cary.

The answer may come from Helena Oram who can also trace her roots back to Ansford.  The oral tradition of her branch is that the family were market gardeners for many generations.  If Isaac was growing his vegetables in Ansford and selling them in Castle Cary then locally he would have been better known as a greengrocer of Castle Cary than an inhabitant of Ansford.

Burial records for Isaac and Sarah

Isaac was buried in Ditcheat on 20 November 1791, aged 87 years that ties in with him being born in 1705. There is a burial of a 99 year old Sarah Oram in Ditcheat on 19 July 1808 that could be Isaac’s widow Sarah.

Isaac’s offspring were by Lucy Roach:

  • George Oram baptised 1734 in Ansford

and by Sarah Higgins:

  • Samuel Oram baptised 1738 in Ansford, buried 1801 in Ditcheat
  • Sarah Oram baptised 1740 in Ansford, buried 1812 in Ditcheat
  • Peter Oram baptised 1742 in Ditcheat as Peter Orrem buried Ditcheat …
    • +Meliar Pounsard of Alford in 1769 in Alford Mellior Oarm [sic] died in June 1780
    • offspring baptised in Ditcheat.
    • daughter Mary buried in Ditcheat in November 1780.
  • Isaac Oram born Ditcheat, baptised 1744 in Ansford, buried 1802 in Ditcheat
  • Matthew Oram baptised 1747 in Ditcheat father “Isaac Oram of Castol Carry”
  • George Oram baptised 1750 in Ditcheat
  • Jane Betty Oram baptised 1752 in Ditcheat
  • David Oram baptised 1757 in Ditcheat, buried 1840 in Ditcheat

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