James Oram 1774-1839

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Our great-great-great grandfather James Oram was born in Ditcheat in 1774.  In the 1960s we were told that he was the younger of only two offspring of Isaac and Elizabeth Oram. In 2019 DNA tests showed that John had younger siblings.  In 1806 John married Susannah, daughter of James and Mary Bartlett who owned and worked their own farm in South Barrow.  

Letter giving year of marriage of James and Susannah Oram

We assume the inquiry in the above letter was because in 1905 lawyers needed  facts about all family members to finalise the estate of Albin Guppy 1846 – 1905.

James and Susannah’s first son William was born in South Barrow, no doubt at Susannah’s parents’ farmhouse.  Their four daughters were baptised in Queen Camel the village where Susannah’s parents had lived before Susannah was born. Maybe the Bartlett family had an interest in a dairy at Queen Camel.  Their second and youngest son John was baptised in Castle Cary in 1824, this being the only documentation to indicate that the family ever lived there.  We do know that the family were living at the dairy farm ‘next to the church’  in Weston Bampfylde by the time their daughter Mary was married in 1837. The family oral tradition is that John rode to school in Castle Cary.   William continued to run the dairy at Weston Bampfylde after his parents died.

The family oral tradition is that Susannah died from cancer, but thanks to the research of Robert Senior we know that Susannah, named Susan Oram died at The Infirmary, Fisherton Anger (part of Salisbury, Wiltshire) on 7 February 1838 from gangrene and was buried in South Barrow churchyard on 14 February 1838.

Nearly two years later on 22 October 1839 James died at Weston Bampfylde and was buried in the same grave as Susannah in South Barrow on 27 October 1839.  The cause of death was ‘Paralytick’.  Does this mean that he was paralysed from the side effects of working as a dairyman for years or had he overindulged in the local cider?

Death Certificate of James Oram
James & Susannah’s grave

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South Barrow
Weston Bampfylde
Queen Camel
Castle Cary
Kingston (upon Thames)
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