John Oram & Jane Talbott Branch

If a link has directed you to this page we apologise, but unless you wish to know more about the Talbott family history links are not yet available to two other websites.

Jane Talbott’s family history: Here you will find the family tree of John Oram’s wife Jane Talbott starting with her grandfather Philip Talbott.

John Oram 1824-1907 and his wife Jane Talbott 1829-1906

The lives of John and Jane and their descendants, based on a wealth of oral tradition is the subject of another website that is currently private and under construction.

At the moment there is no link between the sites.  If you leave a request below we will contact you as soon as the John Oram website becomes public.

John Oram 1824-1907, his diaries

In this site references are made to John’s diaries.  The diaries covering  1853-1907 are held by an archive in Ireland where they have been digitised. Some of these images have been used in this site.  Sometime during 2013 it is planned that the images should be made accessible to the public via the internet.  From 1853 to 1880 the diaries cover John’s time in County Mayo, Ireland. During this time he recorded his occasional journeys to England and in this site we look at John’s first visit home in 1857.    It is the later volumes that are more relevant to this site when John and Jane returned to their native Somerset and lived in Lovington then Little Weston.   Most of the entries are about farming and the weather but occasionally there is information on family matters.

If you leave a request below we will contact you as soon as John Oram’s diaries become available on-line.

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