Hoare Family

0652, Susanna Talbott & son James or Francis Hoare
Susanna Talbott & son James or Francis Hoare
  • Samuel Talbott 1797-1870 and Charity Way 1792-1866
  • Susanna Talbott 1836-1866
    • + Richard Hoare 1834-1869
    • James Talbot Hoare 1856-1940
      • + Amy Selway 1859-1934
        • 3 offspring
    • Francis “Frank” Thomas Hoare 1858-1936
      • m Alice Hobbs 1858-1942
        • 8 offspring
    • Frances Eliza  Hoare 1860-after 1911
      • m Arthur Hewlett King 1864- 1911
    • William Richard Hoare 1863-?
      • m Grace Telford surname not known 1865-1907
        • 2 offspring
      • m Miranda Hughes 1881-1959?
        • 1 son

On 29 March 1853 at Sparkford Susanna Talbott married carpenter Richard Hoare son of wheelwright Richard Hoare. In the 1861 census Susanna is at her parents home with her first three offspring all born in West Camel while Richard was an apprentice wheelwright in West Camel. Susanna was buried in Sparkford a few years on 12 June 1866 a month after her mother Charity. Richard’s burial on 4 March 1869 is recorded on the same double page as Susanna’s and Charity’s. This left Susannah and Richard’s offspring as orphans

  • James was an apprentice to wheelwright and licenced victualler John Hall of Doulting, Somerset in 1871 and then seems to be missing from the 1881 census. In 1886 in Camberwell, London coachbuilder James married Amy Selway daughter of warehouseman John Selway. By 1934 James and Amy had returned to Sparkford where Amy died in 1934.  In 1939 widower James living in Sparkford with the Fowler family and died in late 1940.
  • In 2007 Carolyn was sent two photographs by Amy Selway’s great nephew John. Carolyn has lost contatct with John but hopes that John and his relatives do not mind if we share the photographs.  The group photograph was taken in Sparkford before Amy died in 1934. If Carolyn remembers correctly they are in James Hoare’s old yard.
  • The couple on the left are James Talbott Hoare and Amy nee Selway.  The couple front right are Amy’s brother William Bunting Selway and his wife Margaret. The younger couple at the back on the car are William and Margaret’s daughter Irene Neale and her husband Stanley Neale.
  • The second photograph is of James and Amy’s daughter Beatrice nee Hoare and her spouse Alfred Warwick.
  • Francis “Frank” at 13 yrs in 1871 was apprentice to his uncle carpenter James Talbott   in Sparkford. He was lodging in Sparkford in 1881 until he married Alice Hobbs in 1887 in Sparkford. In 1891 Frank was on his own lodging in Cardiff while Alice was with her parents Frederick and Charlotte in Shepton Montague with the fisrt two sons. By 1893 Alice joined Frank in Cardiff and they lived there during Frank’s death in 1936 and Alice’s in 1942.
0654, "Fanny King nee Hoare"
Fanny King nee Hoare

Frances “Fanny”. In 1871 10 year old Fanny was living in one of the New Orphan Houses in Ashley Down, Bristol.  Fanny is missing in the 1881 census then in 1891 she is with her brother William in Holborn area of London. In 1899 Fanny married Arthur Hewlett King in the St Pancras area of London. The 1901 census shows them living in Kentish Town and that Arthur had been born in Chippenham, Wiltshire in 1864 and was a mason, manager of a monumental works. Fanny was living in Highgate when Arthur died in Colney Hatch Asylum. Arthur was the son of sculptor Samuel Benjamin King and Louisa nee Gaze. Widow Fanny was letting apartments in High Street, Highgate during the 1911 census soon after Arthur died. No obvious record for Fanny’s death.

0655, "Fanny King nee Hoare"
Fanny King nee Hoare
0653, William Hoare, son of Susanna Talbott
William Hoare, son of Susanna Talbott

William’s first available census return is for 1881 when he was apprentice chemist to John J Long in Clifton, Bristol. In 1891 he was a chemist in Holborn, London. By 1901 census William was living in Kensington Town, London and had two offspring by Grace Telford, born Scotland, maiden name not known and no marriage record available.  Grace died in the Brentford district in 1907. William married Miranda Hughes in 1908 in Faringdon, Berkshire. Miranda may have been born in nearby Stanford, Berkshire, the daughter of shoemaker Joseph and Eliza Hughes. Their son was baptised in West Ealing. Miranda died in 1959 and William in 1961 both in Harlesden, Middlesex. 

0647, William Hoare, son of Susanna Talbott
William Hoare, son of Susanna Talbott

Hoare Family

In the 1861 census return of Susanna Talbott’s spouse Richard Hoare he stated that he was born in Beaminster, Dorset. Records show that he was baptised there on 1 July 1832, son of Richard and Mary and was living in Beaminster with his parents and some of his siblings at the time of the 1841 and 1851 censuses.

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Some Hoare Family pictures, kept by the Oram family:

Sparkford group
Left to right:
James Hoare Amy Selway (his wife), Irene Selway (my aunt), Margaret Selway (Walsh my Grandmother), William Bunting Selway(my Grandfather) and Stanley Neale (Irene’s husband).
Beatrice & Alf Warwick
Beatrice Hoare (James’ daughter) and her husband Alfred Warwick

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