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Birthplace and home of most of the Talbott family who lived near the church.
Philip Talbot 1774-1851 was born in Stawell
Over Stowey
An ancestral line of the family may have come from Over Stowey
Birthplace of Charity Talbott nee Way
Corton Denham
Birthplace of James Talbott’s first wife Jane Hodder Field c1821-c1859
Once a quarter Samuel Talbott would walk from Sparkford to Bridgwater and back to purchase supplies
Samuel Talbott would collect supplies that he had bought in Bridgwater at the wharf in Langport.
James, son of Samuel Talbott would carry plough shares between Sparkford and the iron foundry at Bruton
Samuel Talbott probably made wheels for wagons on the Exeter – London run.


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