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Diary Page 1 of Visit to England

June 7th – Left for England very wet — Rain
June 8th   – From Atheny to Dublin with Pony — Rain
June 9th   – Sailed for Bristol – rather rough sea sick — Rain
June 10th – Landed in Bristol rode pony to Sparkford how glorious my native Somerset looked – went to Weston Bampfylde and slept – Fair
June 11th – to Sparkford etc – Fair [John’s parents-in-law Samuel and Charity Talbott]
June 12th – to West Camel – Fair
June 13th – to Galhampton etc – Fair
June 14th – Sunday to Weston Church – Fair
June 15th – to Charlton thence to Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset – Fair [Charlton Hawthorne home of Thomas Talbott, brother of above Samuel Talbott. John’s sister Elizabeth Guppy lived at Okeford Fitzpaine]
June 16th – to Capt, W’s West Lodge – Fair [Captain Wyndham was the owner of the Irish estates where John worked]
June 17th – Left West Lodge to Okeford, Manston etc – Fair [John had lived at Manston before going to Ireland]
June 18th – to Bryanston – Fair [Where his brother William was diaryman on the Portman Estate]
June 19th – to Okeford, Manston, to Charleton, Somerset – Thunderstorm – Rain
June 20th – Looked over Mr Talbott farm, thence to Weston etc – Fair hot
June 21st – to Sparkford Church A.M. – Fair hot
June 22nd – to Weston & Queen Camel with Mr Blandford – to South Barrow in evening – Fair hot [The Blandford family owned land in the Sparkford area. John may have been considering moving back to Somerset and was looking at farms available for rent. John’s mother’s Bartlett family farmed at South Barrow]

Diary Page 2 of Visit to England

June 23rd – To Barrow, Babcary etc -Fair hot
June 24th – To Weston, Sparkford etc – very very hot
June 25th – Left Weston, to Bristol – Fair hot
June 26th – sailed from Bristol very calm – Fair hot
June 27th – landed in Dublin – thence to Atheny per [?] rail – Fair hot
June 28th – rode mare from Atheny to Castlebar drove home from thence – thus ended a most pleasant & satisfactory journey to England the land of my fathers after nearly four yrs absence from my native county – Thanks be to God for bringing me safe home again to my dear wife and children – Rain

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