Job Cox Oram 1843 – after 1879

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Job Cox Oram was born in 1843 at his father’s family farm in Weston Bampfylde, Somerset and was baptised at the local church on 25 December 1843. The family moved to Bryanston in Dorset in the 1850s where in the 1861 census he is described as a ‘pupil in farming’.

Parsonage Farm

NB Refs to Parsonage Farm need reconsidering.  Above house dated 1889 VP (Viscount Portman) when the adjacent ‘model farm’ was also built.  We do not know if the Bartletts lived on this site before then.

On 13 March 1866 at South Barrow Job married Elizabeth Marshal Bartlett, a great niece of his grand mother Susannah Oram nee Bartlett. Elizabeth’s father was James Bartlett who farmed at Parsonage Farm, South Barrow where Elizabeth had been born in 1846. Job and Elizabeth appear to have lived in Babcary for the first couple of years of their marriage as their eldest offspring James William and Mary were baptised there in 1866 and 1868. Their third child Harry was baptised in South Barrow in May 1869.

Despite having an unusual name Job does not seem to feature in any census returns after his marriage nor is an English death certificate available. Bob Senior, in his website has traced Job to Ohio:

“Job Cox Oram had left Bryanston Farm in 1864 and found work at James Bartlett’s farm which he then managed. After marrying James’ daughter he left for America three years later where he committed bigamy several times. See Western Gazette 19 Apr 1878. He had married one Anna Laura McClellan on 26 July 1876 in Bryan, Williams Co. Ohio who sued for divorce in Jan 1879 because she discovered he had married several previous women – he was sentenced to a year in prison at the Ohio State penitentiary where he became secretary to the warden and was ‘expected to take a business position in Columbus when released’!”

To be added: Text from Western Gazette 19 Apr 1878. Source , © brightsolid Newspaper Archive Limited on behalf of The British Library Board.

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Prior to marrying Anna McClellan Job was in Toledo, Ohio.  In the city directories for 1872 and 1873 a JC Oram was coachman to Mrs JC Hall. The following year Joseph Cox Oram was a coachman to Ccl. C Holmes and finally in 1875 Joseph C Oram was a hackman boarding at American House.

The story of the family Job deserted continues on Elizabeth’s page.

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