Map of Bartlett places

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South Barrow
Home to part of the Bartlett family mid 1700s to end 1800s
Village giving name to the parish
Standerwick Farm, Foddington
Bartlett family’s best farm.
Craddocks Farm
A farm worked by Bartletts
Corton Denham
Both the spouses of Samuel Bartlett 1775-1851 came from Corton Denham
Queen Camel
Village giving name to the parish
The Marshall family farmed at Hazelgrove
High Ham & Nether Ham
The Marshall family came from High Ham. The rest of the family returned to Nether Ham after Elizabeth married James Bartlett
East Pennard
Memorial to Susanna Bartlett 1785-1808: “Wife of John Newport” who came from East Pennard

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