Babcary: Land tax and voters

1798 Land Tax record for Babcary
Proprietor                                Occupier          Sums assessed
Bellamy for Standerwick        John Bartlett   £10 13s 3d
Bellamy for Cradocks             Wm Bartlett    £7 4s 6d
Mr Messiter                             John Bartlett   £1 4s 11d
Mr Banger                               Wm Bartlett    £4 14s 10d
Mrs Dinghurst                         Wm Bartlett    £1 0s 6d

1832 voters list for Babcary included:

‘Bartlett, William’ qualified as he was ‘occupying tenant of lands’ that were owned by ‘Battiscombe esqr’s. Estate and others’
‘Bartlett, William’ qualified as he owned ‘freehold lands and premises’ in Babcary ‘fields called Zonolds’.
‘Bartlett, John’ qualified as he was ‘occupying tenant of house and lands’

1846 voters list for Babcary included:

‘Bartlett, Samuel’ qualified as he owned ‘freehold lands’ that he used himself
‘Bartlett, William’ qualified as he owned ‘freehold house and lands in Garston Street.

1873 Return of owners of land in England:

Samuel and Sophia Bartlett are shown as owning land at Toddington, Somerset.  As there seems to be no Toddingtons in Somerset the place should probably be Foddington. In the 1871 census Sophia was farming a total of 167 acres at Higher Foddington Farm and Samuel was farming a total of 210 acres at Standerwick Farm, Foddington of which they owned:

Name                           Extent of lands           Gross estimated Rental
Samuel Bartlett           43A 2R 14P                £62/6/-
Sophia Bartlett            3A 2R 37P                  £43/-/-

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