South Barrow: Land tax and voters

1798 Land Tax record for South Barrow:

Proprietor                                Occupier          Sums assessed
Mr Dower                               Richd Shean    £1 13s 0d
James Bartlett                         himself            £2 4s 7 1/2d
Thomas Shean                         himself            11s 0d
Simon Shean                            himself            4s 0d

1832 voters list for South Barrow included:

‘Bartlett, Samuel’ place of abode ‘Babcary’ qualified as he was ‘occupier of house and land’ that he owned.
No Sheans included

1846 voters list for South Barrow included:

‘Bartlett, James’ qualified as he ‘occupier of lands’ owned by ‘Bartlett’s estate’
No Sheans included.

1873 England Return of owners of Land South Barrow:

Name                           Extent of lands           Gross estimated Rental
James Bartlett             29A  0R  25P               £61/-/-
Hester Bartlett            4A 2R 18P                   £23/-/-

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