Robert Guppy c1779-1866

Born: c1779 at Sandford Orcas, Somerset, England



Married: Deborah Andrews in 1815 in Sandford Orcas, Dorset, England

Offspring: Died in infancy 1818, John c1819-?, James 1820-1880, George c1824-?, Susan c1826-?, Mary c1827-?, Samuel c1827-?,Harriet c1829-?, Robert c1833-?, Albion c1836-1911

Lived in: 

Died: 1866, West Camel, Somerset

James Guppy’s father Robert Guppy was a horse dealer who had been born in Sandford Orcas, Somerset c 1879 and married Deborah Andrews in 1815 in Yetminster, Dorset. Robert and Deborah had eleven children between 1818 and 1836. James being their third born.  His eldest brother became a grocer while James and two of his other brothers followed their father trade as horse dealers.   In 1841 Robert and Deborah were living in North Cadbury and by 1851 had moved to West Camel where they lived until Robert died in late 1866, Deborah having died in 1861.


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