+Thomas George Coles 1855-1912

Born: 1855 in Hale near South Charford, Hampshire

Parents: Richard Newberry Coles1823-1901 or 1902 and Ann Pearce 1827-1912

Siblings: at least 4 siblings born between 1850 and 1854 in Westbury, Horningsham or Teffont Wiltshire then 5 siblings born between 1855 and 1869 at Hale Farm, South Charford, Hampshire

Married: Fanny “Francis” Oram Guppy 1844-1925 on 26 Sept 1888 at Ibberton, Dorset, England

Offspring: None known

Lived in: South Charford, Hampshire; Warminster and Draycot Foliatt, Wiltshire; Kidmore End, Oxfordshire; Bucklebury, Berkshire, England

Died: 15 July 1912 at Bucklebury, Berkshire, England

Thomas Coles was born and brought up on 150 acre ‘Hale Farm’ in South Charford, Hampshire on the northern edge of The New Forest. His father Richard Coles, son of John and Eleanor Coles was christened on 31 December 1821 at Great Cheverell, Wiltshire. Thomas’ mother Ann was born c1827 in Westbury, Wiltshire. Richard and Ann were married in the Warminster Registration District, Wiltshire in 1847.

Before Thomas was born the 1851 census shows his father Richard farming 200 acres at Woodhouse Farm, Horingsham, Wiltshire.

For Thomas’ later life please see the entry for his wife Fanny Guppy 1844-1925.

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