+ Charles Bewsey 1818- after 1871

Born: c 1818 at Rimpton, Somerset, England

Parents: Probably James Bewsey 1796-1849 and Mary Diment 1792-1859

Siblings: Probably William 1813 – 1868

Married:1. Sarah Oram 1820-1869 on 16 July 1844 at Sparkford, Somerset, England

2. Mary Brolly nee Jackson 1828-? in Victoria, Australia 

Offspring: None known

Lived in: Rimpton, Trent and Lovington, Somerset, England; Victoria, Australia

Died: After 1871 in Australia

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All that is known about Charles’ life, including his time in Australia is included in the entry for his wife first wife Sarah.

Charles Bewsey’s parents and brother

Taking the few pieces of information that is known about Charles from his marriage certificate and 1851 census record we know that he was born in Rimpton about 1818 and his father was a farmer. There is a record in the1841 census that fits this scenario as a Charles Bewsey was living in Rimpton with his parents James and Mary Bewsey and brother William. There were no Bewseys living in Rimpton in 1851, but there was William born in Leigh, Dorset, a Miller Master living in Yarlington. Included in William’s household there was his 6 year old son who had been born in Rimpton, 58 year old widowed mother Mary who had been born in Buckland Newton, Dorset and his cousin Sopia Diment.

Researchers in ancestry.com are very likely to be correct when they suggest that Charles’ father’s profile was:

James Bewsey 1796-1849

Born: c 1796 at Leigh, Dorset, England

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: None known
Married: Mary Diment 1792-1859 born Buckland Newton, Dorset on 7 Feb 1815 at Yetminster, Dorset, England
Offspring: William Bewsey 1813 – 1868 born Leigh, Dorset and Charles Bewsey 1818-? born Rimpton, Somerset
Lived in: Leigh, Dorset and Rimpton,Somerset, England

Died: 1849 in the Sherborne Registration District, probably in the village of Rimpton

(If the above can be verified and more information on the Bewseys becomes available a page will be created for the family in the Associated Families section)

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