Lilian Alice Oram 1903-?

Born: 1903 at Clones, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

Parents: Alfred William Oram 1861-1942 and Jane Green 1868-1964

Siblings:   Frederick St. John Oram 1898-1963John Talbott “Jack” Oram 1899-1911 Mary Kathleen “Molly” Oram 1902-?,  Margaret Winifred Oram 1907-1976

No marriage or offspring

Died: Awaiting information


Second daughter of Alfred and Jane Oram. Alice went to the same private school as her sisters.    After doing a secretarial course, she worked for some years as secretary to a doctor. Alice spent most of her time at home looking after her parents.

Update in 1985: After nursing her sister Winifrid for several years Alice finally sold the family home at 57 Highfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin and moved into the Queen of Peace Centre, 4A Garville Avenue, Rathgar.


Alice’s entry in the 1970 ‘Oram Family Saga’ and the 1985 update was given by her sister Molly


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