Kathryne Belle Oram and her descendants

The descendants of Kathyrne Belle Oram 1906–1988 and Albert B Diss 1903-1980 in 2013

  • Daughter
  • Son 1935 – 1996
    • + Daughter-in-law  (first marriage)
    • Granddaughter
    • Granddaughter
    • Granddaughter
    • Granddaughter 1956 –
    • + Daughter-in-law 1951 – (second marriage)

Kathyrne’s marriages:

  1. William H Town
  2. Albert B Diss 1903–1980

Parents of Kathyrne Belle Oram 1906–1988: Oscar Oram 1878-1949 and Maude V Losey 1877-1953

Parents of Albert Diss 1903-1980: Albert B Diss and Maude B. McQuiston


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  1. Ellen Maude Diss b. 07/17/40 @ St. Lukes Hospital, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio says:

    I am the daughter of Kathryne Belle Oram Diss. I am single and the only surviving child of the marriage of Kathryne and Albert Bryce Diss Jr. My Brother, Craig Oram Diss, b. 4/15/35, d. 1/2/96. He is survived by Daughters: Susan Elizabeth Diss Talbot, Heather Ellen Diss Chambers, Laurel Ann Diss (Zettl) and Caitlin Jane Diss (Zettl). His Daughters always called their Grandmother, Kathryne, “Toddie” because she loved that name as she did her Children and Granddaughters.

    My Mother’s Brother, (my Uncle), John Samuel Oram ran the John Samuel Oram Co. in Cleveland, Ohio until his death. He lived in Willloughby, Ohio and was married to Margaret “Stubby” Campion. They had one Son in 1929, my Cousin, John Samuel (“Sammy”) Oram, who passed away with no children. Being childless was attributed to his being struck by lightning at age 17. He was drafted into the Army and was in the 82nd Airborne as a parachuter.

    I will try to download some of the photos in our family album! One of them is of John Samuel Oram in a ‘smoking’ hat with twinkling eyes! Because they were quite light, I’m sure they were blue! My Mother’s eyes were a beautiful grey blue and her hair was black…apparently Irish eyes and hair…which I was proud to have inherited!:)

    Although the Cleveland, Ohio, side of the Oram family name will not continue, those of us who survive will always remember our ancestors with great love and tenderness.

    If anyone wishes to communicate with me, I’m available at [email protected].

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