Caroline Susannah “Caro” Oram 1863 – 1947

Born: 7 Jun 1863 at Burrishoole Farmhouse, near Newport, Co Mayo, Ireland

Parents: John Oram 1824-1907 and Jane Talbott 1829-1906

Siblings: John Samuel Oram 1847 – 1913Jane Charity Oram 1849 – 1945Arthur Talbott Oram 1853 – 1919James Henry Oram 1857 – 1918Alfred William Oram 1861 – 1942Emma Agnes Oram 1865 – 1955Lily Louisa Oram 1867 – 1952Edith Mabel Oram 1870 – 1951Letitia Kathleen Oram 1872 – 1942

Married: Thomas John “Tom” Hann 1865-1934  on 21 Aug 1888 at Lovington, Somerset, England

Offspring: Mary Caroline Hann 1889-1967 and Margaret Jane Hann 1895-1964

Lived in: Burrishoole, Co Mayo, Ireland; Clinsfold, Slinfold, Sussex; Wilford, Burrishoole, Co Mayo, Ireland; Lovington and Glastonbury, Somerset, England

Died: In 1947 at Glastonbury, Somerset, England


Second surviving daughter of John and Jane Oram born at Burrishoole in 1863, 7th June.    She went to school at Derrada, Broadbridge Heath village school and Miss Brown’s Academy, Westport.   Her sense of responsibility and capability in household matters made her her mother’s right hand and she helped to look after the younger children. At the age of 18 she helped to superintend the move to Lovington and went over in advance with her mother and father to get Charity Farm ready for the arrival of the young ones who had been left at Wilford in charge of Jane. She was apprenticed to Mrs. Bestwetherick, a draper of High Street, Glastonbury and became engaged to Thomas Hann. They married and lived in one of the new houses lately erected behind the High Street where they remained all the rest of her life.

Tom & Caro’s Marriage Certificate. Caro’s brother Alfred would have travelled from Ireland to witness their marriage.

Her interests were looking after the house and family, entertaining the young and lonely to lavish teas and running the missionary staff at St. Benedict’s annual bazaar. She was a staunch Anglican, abhorred sin, upheld the right but could collapse surprisingly in silent, delighted mirth. Her hair remained long, black and lustrous as in the days of her youth, coiled round her head and her clothes stayed at a sort of modified Edwardian. Though never robust she lived to over 80 and was carefully tended in her old age by her daughter Mary.


Lily Hinxman was Daphne Oram’s main source for the entries for Caro and her family in the 1970 “Oram Family Saga”.


Entries from John Oram diaries:

1 Nov 1881   “To Glastonbury – arranged for Caro’s apprenticeship 
10 Nov 1881 “To Glastonbury with Caro”
24 Dec 1881 “To Glastonbury”
28 Dec 1881 “To Glastonbury with Caro – Pd £10 on fee”
31 Dec 1881 “Signed Caro’s indentures”
Easter 1882:
Thursday 6 Apr 1882: “To Glastonbury for Caro”
Monday 10 Apr 1882: “To Glastonbury..”
Note 2012: No trace of Mrs. Bestwetherick, a draper of Glastonbury in census returns.



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