Map and Pictures of County Mayo, where John and Arthur Oram were Land Agents

Interactive map of Area around Wilford:

View Arthur Oram, Burrishoole in a larger map

The Leap
Natural waterfall between Furnace Lough & Lough Feeagh used by salmon & trout. The 2004 pictures show the Burrishoole fish trapping facility built in 1959. 
Pictures of The Leap

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Rockfleet Castle
Rockfleet Castle or Carraigahowley Castle famously associated with Gráinne O’Malley, the pirate queen and chieftain of the clan O’Malley.
Pictures of Rockfleet Castle: 

2223, Painting of Rockfleet by Ida Murton Talbot prior to her marrying James Oram on 16 June 1915

0477, Emma Jean and Isa by Rockfleet castle, Co Mayo

0380, Group on boat by Rockfleet Castle

0314, Wilford to right in middle distance

0178, Rockfleet Castle

0177, Rockfleet Castle

0175, Rockfleet Castle

0174, Rockfleet Castle

Pictures of Newport:

0171, Dinghy sailing (in Newport Bay?)

0170, Newport C of I Church interior

0169, Newport C of I Church interior

0168, Protestant school house, Newport

0167, "Clew Bay from Newport"

0166, Newport looking downstream from Bridge

0164, Newport Railway Bridge

0163, Newport

0162, Newport

0161, Newport Railway Bridge

Wilford Lodge
Home of Arthur & Catherine Oram & their children John, Arthur “Attie”, Gretta, Emily, James & Isa.

After the death of Catherine in 1920 Wilford Lodge was sold to a member, or ex-member of the British army. Not surprisingly the house was soon burnt down.  We (Chris and Carolyn) remember how in 1961 our grandfather James stood in the mossy ruin announcing “This was the room I was born in”. Despite leaving Wilford in 1906 James kept his Irish accent that quickly broadened as he was greeted by locals who recognised him.  The site was redeveloped in the early 2000s.   
Pictures of Wilford:

0517, Wilford from bottom of field

0325, Wilford: Farm buildings

0376, Wilford garden with Terence Thomas b 1916

0374, Wilford drive

0373, Front of Wilford, 2 figures shading their eyes.

0342, Wilford: Drawing room

0341, Wilford: Dining room

0339, Wilford: Hall

0321, Wilford 1950

0320, Wilford: Bay window & LH side

0318, Wilford "Clear view in early autumn 1920"

0317, Wilford

0314, Wilford to right in middle distance

0313, Wilford to right in middle distance

Burrishoole Farmhouse
John Oram 1824-1907 built this when he first came to Ireland. William Rose lived here while Arthur was resident at Wilford.
Picture of Burrischoole Farmhouse:

0432, Burrishoole Farmhouse

Burrishoole Friary
A late Gothic relic, even in 1850, of what must have been among the most striking buildings in the countryside of pre-Tudor Ireland.[1]
Picture of Burrischoole Friary:
Achill Island
Just to the West on the centre edge of the map above. For landscape pictures see.[1]
Man with Donkey and Panniers 1950, collecting peat sod for burning, Achill Island:

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