The entire Oram family history we give here from 1589 to 1847 when John Oram married Jane Talbott can is located on this ( about 5 miles wide by 10 miles high ) map of the Sparkford area. The lowest point Rimpton (icon 4) was where John and Jane got married, was not in the core area because Jane was already 5 months pregnant :

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The locations associated with the icon numbers are:

  1. Wheathill
  2. Sparkford
  3. Castle Carey
  4. Rimpton
  5. Stawell (off map)
  6. Over Stowey (off map)
  7. Weston Bampfylde
  8. Little Weston
  9. South Barrow
  10. Lovington
  11. Ditcheat
  12. Ansford

Jane Talbotts family came for the Stawell and Over Stowey areas.  Subsequently John and Jane moved to Manston, near Iwerne Minster, Dorset, and then to Ireland. The next generation moved all over the English speaking world.


Poona Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra, India: 18.526492, 73.88031

Kettle Falls, Washington State, USA:

Present Location 48.606241,-118.057194 but prior to 1939 was 2.5 miles away (see below):

The original town of Kettle Falls was a forty-acre site platted in 1889 two miles south of the site of the Hudson’s Bay Company fur trade post, Fort Colville. Ft Colville had been officially abandoned in 1871 but some of the family of the last chief factor still occupied the site until 1891. In spite of the fact that the railroad bypassed Kettle Falls in favor of Marcus in 1891, it was a substantial community that faced relocation when the construction of Grand Coulee Dam caused the waters of the Columbia River to cover the town in 1939. 

The town voted to move farther up to the location of Meyers Falls a short 2.5 miles away. The residents of the newly formed town voted to change the name to Kettle Falls. Many of the buildings that are still found in the town were moved by truck up from the old town site.


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